Vintage ACC

Aberystwyth Caving Club has a long and glorious (maybe) history. We’ve been around since 1966 or so and in that time we’ve done practically every cave worth doing in the UK, gone caving all over the world, discovered, dug, explored and surveyed new caves, and drank enough alcohol to fill a bucket the size of Sweden. And all without losing anyone (not even from alcohol poisoning).
Follow the links below to find out more about the club’s past.
Born in a Perilous Pub – a history of UCW Aberystwyth Caving Club and North Cardiganshire Mining Club between 1966 and 1990.
Club Officers – a timeline of committee members since 1966 (please contact us if you’re able to fill in any gaps!).
Thrutch – the magazine of the Aberystwyth Caving Club, first published Christmas 1979. Thanks go to Rich for putting in the time and effort to reproduce these editions for publication online.
40th Reunion – details from the anniversary celebrations in 2006
50th Reunion – details from the anniversary celebrations in 2016
Photos – back in the day… (if you have any additions let us know).