40th Anniversary Reunion

– The 2006 40th Year Reunion was a big success! If you didn’t come, you missed a good weekend. If anyone has any photos of it, please let me have copies! –

ACC is 40 years old this year! You are invited to a Reunion on Saturday November 18th. If you’d like to come please email Rich (rls ~at~ hwyl ~dot~ org). Please let any old members you’re in contact with know about this!
Current, most up-to-date details:
Agenda: All optional — meet up whenever. I’m not expecting too many people on the Friday.


2100 The Fountain (lounge)
2200 Rummers
2300 The Bay


1000 Mining, venue TBC. Meet at the Porters’ Lodge at the entrance to the University
1900 Meet up in the Union bar
1915 Slideshow thingy in the committee room, Students Union
2100 Food at the Agra (couldn’t book it any earlier, if we have lots of spare time, we’ll have to have a pint in Cwps or go via the Fountain or something). You can bring your own wine.
2200 The Fountain (bar): Drink and reminisce till late (early)


0900 Nurse hangover
1000 Leave for caving in Draenen


Assuming you don’t actually live in Aber, you’ll probably want to stay overnight. Try one of the sites below to find accommodation, or if you’re skint ask one of the current lot (via me) if you can kip on their floor…


As a caving club we’ll be doing some caving over the weekend! Unfortunately (?) Lefel Fawr et al is currently gated with no chance of access in the short term, so we’ll have to find another mine. Anyone who isn’t too hungover can go caving on Sunday.

People going

For those of you who are too scared to come unless your friends will be there!

Confirmed so far (with era)

  • Current members: Jen, Gem, Laura, Pete, Josh, Pete, Barry.
  • Rich & Rufus (noughties)
  • Glenda & Ceri (late 90s)
  • Andrew “Linus” Evans (c. 1990?)
  • Logic (late 80s)
  • Carl Bradbury (c. 1990?)
  • Nathan Critchlow-Watton (90s)
  • Dean Fenton (early 80s)
  • Chris Belton (00s)
  • Howard “H” Davies (1976-1984)
  • Paul “Lira” Grainger (80s)
  • Milkybar (late 90s & 00s)
  • Gareth “Wellies” Rees (late 90s)
  • Andrew Barnes (00s)
  • Richard Marshall (early 80s)
  • Tim Lewis (mid 80s)
  • Ieuan Skym (80s)


  • Pip Smith (late 90s & early 00s)
  • John Carter (Late 80s)
  • Andy MacDonald (late 90s & early 00s)
  • Simon Hughes (lots of eras)


  • Andy “The Yank” Linsenmeier (early 00s)
  • Darren Mulholland (late 90s)
  • Rob Protheroe Jones (80s)
  • Ro Charlton (80s)
  • Hywel Davies (80s)
  • David Eyre (80s)
  • Rob Graveley (80s)
  • Michelle Owen (00s)
  • Alicia Jones (c. 2000)
  • Jason “Wookiee” Taylor (?)
  • Mick Johnston (?)
  • Dave “Old Man Dave” Cooke (?)
  • Ian Benn (early 00s)
  • Dave Gibbs (early 90s)
  • Stuart Murray and “Mellor, Pricey and Seggers” (late 80s)

Anyone not on one of these lists probably doesn’t know about the reunion so if you are in touch with any of these people let them know!


Stuff to consider bringing with you: old photos and other memorabilia of ACC in days of yore, beer money, caving gear (let me know if you want to borrow some), camera, sleeping bag if you’re planning to crash on someone’s floor. Anything else?
If you need to get in touch at short notice, my phone number is 07900 498319 and my MSN account name is my email address.