50th Anniversary Reunion

Welcome reader,
We join the reunion on the evening of Friday the 29th of January, 2016. The great and good of Aberystwyth caving club both past and present have assembled at the dear old Fountain for some choice beverages. Excellent.
The pub was full and conversation flowed like a rich wine, friends were reunited and many members attempted the stair challenge that torments freshers each year. Unfortunately the years of post-student comfort hindered the ability of many past members to fit through the stairs. The route of the evenings merriment was somewhat vague, many left the fountain to sample the rest of Aberystwyth. Brief forays were made to Wetherspoons, Rummers, Scholars and The White horse until eventually after a prolonged pit stop in The Ship and Castle many found their way to The Castle. There was much rejoicing and much beer was consumed. The braver members present then ventured to the Angle, where yet more beer sunk.
The morning of Saturday 30th January was met with sore heads and profanities. However with the spirit of caving now burning bright in the hearts of many the club lurched its way towards Ystrad Enion for some gentle, yet enjoyable caving.
Two carbide lamps, one supplied by Dave the Cave and another by Richard ‘the master’ Marshal provided amusement for the older members and sheer terror for the younger contingent. Half way through the trip Logic, Linus and Wookie produced an enormous picnic hamper. Said hamper was full to the brim with bread, cheese, pâté, grapes and most importantly, champagne. There was even more rejoicing.
The evening of Saturday brought everyone together once more for the reunion dinner. In attendance were over 70 cavers who had once been part of Aberystwyth caving club, including a number of founders and members of the ‘lost club’ of the early 1960s. Cavers drank and made merry. There were speeches from Dave the Cave, Ian Wallace, John Gunn, Guy Richards, Dave Newil, Wenslie Naylon, Nathan Critchlow, Oli Dawson and Deri Williams. After a group photo members headed into town for more merriment. After stopping off in Coopers and Scholars, ACC made camp at The Inn on the Pier until the early morning.

It was a resounding success. More photos HERE.