The magazine of the Aberystwyth Caving Club

Volume 1 (Christmas 1979)

Volume 1.5 (Special Edition, Christmas 1979)

Volume 2 (Winter 1980)

Volume 3 (Easter 1980)

Volume 4 (Summer 1980)

Volume 5 (December 1980)

Volume 6 (August 1981)

Volume 7 (May 1982)

Volume 8 (Summer 1982)

Volume 9 (May 1984)

Volume 10 (May 1985)

Volume 11 (1984-1985 – Published May 1987)

Volume 12 (1985-1986 – Published Sept 1988)

Volume 13 (1986-1987 – Published Sept 1988)

Volume 14 (1987-1988 – Published Sept 1988)

Volume 15 (Born in a Perilous Pub – July 1990)

Thanks to Rich Smith for scanning and editing the above issues for publication online (June 2010).

6 comments to Thrutch

  • Dino Fenton


    it was great to see Thrutch on the site. I edited 6, 7 and 8.

    Would Rich or anyone else be interested in scanning in the scurrilous PCN, which Lira and myself produced between approx 1983 and 1987. The only ref to it on the whole site in in the Perilous Pub book, as far as I can see. I can lend a complete set, given assurances that it’ll be looked after. I don’t suppose anyone else but Lira has a full set.


  • Mark

    Hi Dino, yeah sure absolutely! erm what would you want from me? Would you like an address to send it too or do you live within aberystwyth? email I can certainly scan it in for you. I can pass it on to rich or henry to scan in as i live close or i can just do it.

    (sorry for late reply!)

    Cheers, Mark (Pres/webmaster)

  • Jonathan Price

    I believe there are some surviving copies of Eugene if anyone would dare scan these??

  • Hello,
    Is it only me, who can’t review the THRUTCH magazines (1-15 volumes)?

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