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  • Linus Evans

    First photo: Rob ‘Prospero’ Jones (left), ‘Linus’ Evans, Mick Johnson, Craig Roberts – if we all look a little insane, it’s because we’ve just been digging out a collapsed area of Cwmystwyth by lying on the floor and poking the unstable roof with bits of pipe to bring it down. (1991)

    Second photo: Linus’ backside in Pengulag dig. (1991)

    Third photo: Nick Young (left), James Roberts, Mark Panting. (1993)

    Fourth photo: Logic hitting a six with the walls of Troy in the background – ‘Camping around Europe’ mini-tour. (1993)

    Fifth Photo: Logic, Pengulag dig. Fine figure of a man. (1991)

    Sixth Photo: Logic (Left) and Linus, weaping over Keats’ grave, Rome. (1993)

    Seventh Photo: Linus and Logic, 70’s party. (2000)

    Eigth Photo: Jon Carter, Cwm Einon waterwheel. (c.1988)

    Ninth Photo: Carl Bradbury, Logic, and Linus, St. Peters. (1993)

    Tenth Photo: Carl Bradbury acting as official priest in the inauguration of Kim Bullock as the second club Goddess. (1993)

    Eleventh Photo: Anna Lightfoot, as we’ll always remember her – manhandling something dangerous. (1998)

  • Logic

    Oh my sweet heavens – the past is indeed a strange country – they do things very differently there … and they even appear to be doing them in sepia. Oh for the twentieth century.

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