Year BeginningPresidentSecretaryTreasurerTackle Officer
2016Sophie WalkerShaun DonnellyOli Marshall
2015Deri WilliamsLiam StrudwickLiam StrudwickJoe Taylor
2014Ricky JacksonCharlotte La RennieKerry GriggsMatthew Waite/David Greenwell
2013Josh WhiteRicky JacksonDavid Greenwell
2012David GreenwellHeather BellMark BloomfieldSam Richards
2011Mark BloomfieldSam RichardsJasen FinchJonathan Lee
2010Huw BadhamMegan Iacobini de FazioJonathan LeeToby Collins
2009Tim WiffenFrances PopeCarly RainesOlivia Dawson
2008Olivia DawsonAlison Ball/Henry PattonAlex JonesJason Martin
2007Josh LassonJen Cookson
2006Ant BuryJosh LassonJen Cookson
2005Katie Harris (2 weeks)/Rich SmithAnt BuryRuth Allan
2004Andy MacDonaldAndrew BarnesRuth Allan
2003Ian Benn/Ruth AllanRich SmithChris BeltonChris Belton
2002Daniel Jackson (Milkybar)Ian BennChris BeltonChris Belton
2001Daniel Jackson (Milkybar)Dave SmithKitran Eastman and Vicky Nutley
2000Glyn Holt (Glenda)
1999Ceri MillerJames Webber (Jammers)Glyn Holt (Glenda)
1998Ceri Miller
1996Eddie Roberts?Tom Bunting
1995Nick YoungNathan Critchlow-WattonRebecca WalkerNick Burcham
1994James RobertsNathan Critchlow-WattonNicole AtkinsonEddie Roberts
1993Anna LightfootNick YoungJames RobertsKim Bullock
1992Mick Johnson?Andrew Evans (Linus)
1991Boris YeltsinFreddy MercuryOperation Desert Storm
1990Nelson MandelaLech WalesaOperation Desert Shield
1989John CarterPaul BaxterJason TaylorJohn Carter
1988Elaine Gilligan/Mike JohnsonJohn CarterJohn PriceJohn Carter
1987Sara ClancyMike JohnsonRichard GriffithsTim Lewis and Richard Griffiths
1986Tim LewisAlex LangdonDave CookeTim Lewis and Paul Wagstaff
1985Rob GraveleyPaul WagstaffDave ForrowRob Jones/Tim Lewis
1984Sara FrearsCathy HowarthRob JonesChris Stayte and Rob Jones
1983Paul GraingerChris StayteSara FrearsJohn Underwood
1982David CarruthersHywel DaviesHywel DaviesDino Fenton
1981Colin BunceHywel DaviesAngela MaynardHywel Davies and Dino Fenton
1980Wendy ThorneColin BunceMel HumphreysDino Fenton and Howard Davies
1979Steve SimmonsPete Bradbury?Stu Harris/Steve SimmonsRoger Cross and Steve Simmons or Pete Bradbury
1978Howard DaviesPete Bradbury?Roger CrossSteve Simmons
1977Jim HardyJohn AshtonMike d'ApiceHoward Davies and Mike d'Apice
1976Jim HardyAlan BiggsJim Hardy and Mike d'Apice
1975John SteiertVi?t C?ngJohn Steiert
1974Lyn Owen?Jon TimberlakeJon Timberlake
1973John GunnLyn Owen?Andy Roff?
1972John GunnAndy Roff
1971Steve PhilipsJohn LawJohn Kindsey?
1970Guy RichardsNorman MartellNorman MartellDavid Jenkins
1969Mike Harris/Norman Martell or Chris KershawLyn EdwardsMike HarrisJohn Hayles
1968Mike HarrisLes SakerChris KershawLyn Edwards
1967Glynne WycheJohn Hayles?Bernard Clucas?Lyn Edwards
1966Dennis AstonPaul Barter

5 comments to Club Officers

  • John Miles

    I knew John Underwood in the 1980s. Do you know what happened to him, please? John Miles.

  • Rob Jones

    Is that John Miles formerly of Welsh Water, Aberaeron? If so, then we worked together with John. Haven’t heard from John for a few years but can give you a partial update – pm me at robert dot protheroe jones at museumwales dot ac dot uk

  • Dave Bexley

    The 1969 Students Union Handbook records the following Caving Club officers:

    Captain (!) Glyn Wyche
    Secretary Neil Elkes
    Treasurer A Herbert

    Well of course the club never had a captain, and Glyn had left by the start of the 1969/70 year. Apart from that the details are just wrong.

  • Tom Bunting

    I was Tackle Master in 1996-7, and also appointed Club Tart in 1995-6. This highly honourable (and hard won) position was the male counterpart of club queen, another post you have missed off your chart!

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