Majorca 2012 ()

Mark, Jono, Shereen, Toby, Sophie, Luke, Sam

In Easter 2012, ACC visited the Balaeric island of Majorca (Mallorca) to explore the sun, sand, sea… and caves on offer.

Majorca derives its name from Latin as ‘The Bigger One’ [as opposed to Minorca, ‘The Smaller One’]. It has been home to a number of cultures since ancient times, and the impact of occupation by Romans and Moors are still very evident in its architecture and archaeology today.

The Northeast coast is very rugged with many cliffs and canyons. Large limestone outcrops indicate the voids to be revealed below. Most of the island’s caves are to be found here.
Caves of Majorca are said to be impressive inside, with many stretches of sharp, rarely used passage. Bold, interesting formations have made the area a suitable spot for expeditions.

ACC found a few key things about Majorca:
1) Renting a villa with a pool and surrounded by free/unguarded oranges is awesome!
2) Wine and Sangria is unbelievably cheap in Spain.
3) Mojitos!
4) Never let people drink too much, tear up cave descriptions for playing ring of fire and then burn them in the stove.
5) Pollenca has a cool old city and the surrounding countryside is breathtakingly beautiful.
6) Don’t try to be mountain goats in canyons.
7) Don’t give Toby the GPS when you’re trying to find a cave without cave descriptions.

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