Caving bodies

British Caving Association (BCA)

Cambrian Caving Council (CCC)

Council of Northern Caving Clubs (CNCC)

Council of Southern Caving Clubs (CSCC)

Council of Higher Education Caving Clubs (CHECC)

Caving websites

UK Caving Forum for cavers

Hidden Earth

UK’s national caving conference and exhibition

British Cave Research Association

Promotes cave and karst research

Try Caving

Introduction to caving

Ogof Ffynnon Ddu

Virtual tour of OFD

South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team (SMWCRT)

Local cave rescue

North Wales Cave Rescue Organisation (NWCRO)

Local cave rescue

Caves of South Wales

Interactive cave maps and surveys of Welsh caves

Caves of North Wales

Cave maps and surveys of North Wales caves

Cave Maps

Interactive cave map and surveys of Yorkshire caves

Red Rose Cave & Pothole Club

Descriptions and photos of caves in the Lancaster-Ease Gill system

Mendip Cave Registry and Archive

Surveys of Mendip caves

Life on a Line (Part: 123) Issue 1.3. 2nd Edition here

A manual of modern cave rescue ropework techniques

Speleological Union of Ireland & ICRO

Introduction to caving in Ireland and the Irish Cave Rescue Organisation

Caving clubs

Bristol Exploration Club (BEC)

Cardiff University Caving Club

Reading University Caving Club

South Wales Caving Club (SWCC)

Caving shops

Starless River
Caving Supplies
Hitch n Hike