Oh Henry! is an incarnation of ‘The Journal of Aberystwyth Caving Club’. Renewed by Olivia Dawson in 2009, the name is partially inspired from several rescue callouts involving Henry Patton and his pursuit to collect all the emergency services. It is also the trade-name of a Canadian candy bar. The content is largely an accumulation of in-jokes and trip reports, striking a balance between the more serious tone of Thrutch during the 1980’s and the less forbearing slander in Eugene during the 1990’s.

Each edition costs a quid and can then be read on this site. Contact the editor, webmaster or treasurer for access.
Kids should probably stop reading here…you have been warned!

Summer 2009

Christmas 2009

Summer 2010

Winter 2010

Summer 2011

Winter 2011

In the words of Uncle Stu; “if you can’t stand the heat…fuck off and cry in the bogs you wimp!”

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  • Oli

    Wow. Speedy uploading. Are you finding glaciers less than enthralling today Henry?

    Finaly translated stus letter to fran, it reads ‘I only know how to relate to numbers; how can I do a sex?’

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