Email: caving@aber.ac.uk

Leader, commander, delegator, dezlar, decision maker and responsible for every other position. Ensures the smooth running of the club, and that we don't spend all our grant money on beer. Also doubles up as web master apparently. (Please note: has no true power)

President: Deri Williams

Has been campaigning to become Club Waste of Space since inauguration. Perhaps you wish to contact another committee member?


Secretary: Liam Strudwick

Lieutenant-commander, responsible for all the boring admin, including booking huts, organising cave permits, and filling in forms. First port of call if you need to contact the club.

Treasurer: Also Liam Strudwick

In charge of all matters financial. If you owe the club money, or if you’re feeling particularly generous and want to make a donation, then drop an email.


Tacklemaster: Joeseph Taylor

If you need to borrow any club kit, then Joe is the one to talk to. Likewise, if you spot tackle that’s lost, damaged, worn, rusty or just looks dodgy then let Joe know.

Other club minions 


Social Secretary: Will Davies

Tasked with keeping the cavers entertained when overground. If you want a ‘three-legged pub golf’ themed social or think we should do a sponsored run up Snowdon, then get in touch.


Club Gimp: Taylor May (Or if absent, Joseph Taylor)

The Club Gimp™ is a highly regarded position, demanding the utmost of respect at all times. They are absolutely not simply the club’s bitch.


Webmaster: Rob Bolton

Rob is responsible for the mailing list and this website (If this were true, why am I updating this), so if you spot any errors or want any defamatory photos removed, send him an email. (No promises on the latter though.)

Unofficially, it’s probably faster to contact him by finding him in the pub.


Tripmaster: Shaun Donnelly

Shaun is responsible for driving all of us cavers around in a minibus to different parts of the country so that we can cave together and go to big events that aren’t in Aber, which is 99% of them.

Fully licensed, though for what we don’t know.