January 26th, 2012

Majorca/Mallorca April.

Hey Guys, so by now you should have discovered that ACC is hoping to go to Majorca for our annual easter holiday. since its a lot of peoples last year this year, we want to make it happen and the committee is working hard now to find the best prices to make things happen. so far it looks like it will either be april 9-16th or 16-23rd. 9-16th is cheaper. i have created a facebook group “ACC heads to Majorca”. I have put a more in depth breakdown of costs on that page, so check is out and see what you think. remember we will be booking this in the next couple of weeks and require deposits (tbc) up front in order for us to book stuff. the sooner we do it the cheaper it will be, so we need commitment!



December 7th, 2011

Oh Henry Winter 2011


The time is yet again upon us for Oh! Henry’s winter edition. A few of you have gotten back to me, but this year I would really like some old guys to write some caving articles, and other cave related stuff 🙂

Deadline date is FRIDAY 9th DECEMBER! This is so I have the weekend to work on it, put it all together and give it to you guys at the Christmas meal

See you laterrrrrr