February 15th, 2011

Rescue practice OFD2

Message from Joel Corrigan and date to keep free…

This rescue practice has been set up specifically for you smelly students so you’d best get off your asses & come along for a fun day out that will involve blood, gore, sandwiches & smut! Please follow the link & join the event. Ta.


(20th March at Penwyllt)
An underground practice aimed specifically at newcomers to the Team/university cavers etc…

Scenario: Alex, a novice student caver from Cardiff University, has passed out in Salubrious Streamway. It seems that he suffers from the condition known as Narcolepsy & falls asleep at inappropriate times (this is based upon a genuine character within CUCC). After repeated attempts at “happy-slapping” (to wake him up, obviously) we’ve given up & have decided to put him into a stretcher & carry him out or we’ll never make it to the pub. It just so happens that there are a lot of other students in the cave today & very few “grown ups” so the youngsters will form the bulk of the rescue team.

This is intended to be an introduction to the basics of cave rescue & is therefore aimed at those people who might otherwise be put off/dazzled by a normal practice event. It will be light-hearted, not too demanding, & will focus on team work, stretcher handling, and showing everyone what happens during a pitch haul (the Corkscrew pitch).

April 20th, 2010

Trips this term

To reiterate what Oli has said in the club emails, we have two weekend trips planned this term.

1/2 May – Expedition training weekend at Daf’s farm, which will include a rescue scenario in a local mine.

This is a bit different in that it’s being organised by Joel Corrigan and Ian Holmes (has said they’re happy for us to come en masse), so he wants everyone that’s going to join the facebook group and pay the £15 asap. It’ll be a good opportunity to pick up some caving skills, especially since it’s being held so close to Aber.

14-16 May – Back to the Belfry again for more table dancing.

There will be numerous day trips going on around the exams too, so make sure you come to the socials!

March 4th, 2010

Know your Knots!

Like good cavers, you should be all be learning your knots. So you can practice at home, here are two websites that show you how to tie them step-by-step. There’s various ways to tie each knot, so it’s best to pick one that you find easy to remember and stick to it..

Key knots you should learn include;

Figure of 8
Double figure of 8
Double figure of 8 loop
Alpine butterfly
Italian hitch
…Bowline is also useful.


March 1st, 2010

WBCRT practice

On 20th March, WBCRT will be holding a rescue practice in OFD 1:

This is the first formal cave rescue practice of 2010. We’re aiming to include a broad range of skills & training in the day, including simple stretcher carrying, vertical elements, use of the floating stretcher down the streamway, narrow/confined elements, 1st aid, communications etc….

There is enough to keep cavers of all abilities & experience levels occupied so please, please, please get involved.

Considering we have an expedition to Ireland coming up (where self-rescues feature more prominently), it would be a very good idea for people to make themselves available that weekend. Joel, who is organising the practice, is happy for anyone to come along regardless of experience. If you can come then let us know at the social so travel can be arranged.

March 1st, 2010

More trips and training…

Hey up ducks,

Can people who want to come on next weekend’s trip to S. Wales please email me and pay up at the social. 25 squid please.

In addition to SRT practice (1pm this Wednesday at the tree), Chris will also be teaching how to lifeline. I believe that in addition to teaching you basic belaying, he’ll be going through what to do if your mate falls off the ladder in to a waterfall, and how to get some lardy fresher up a ladder. You will regret skipping this next year as you intrepidly lead freshers into Swildons, or sooner (and possibly more), if you tell me you ‘don’t know how’ to lifeline me down something that scares me.

I still have enough caving club clothes to start a charity shop. Feel free to come round my (new) house and collect them.

See you all on Wednesday, if not before.

February 17th, 2010

Trips, training, trips and trivia

Trip 19th-21st

Firstly could everyone who wants to go to Mendips for the weekends partying and caving please email to confirm? If you haven’t yet made the pilgrimage to the legendary Belfry, or honoured the gods of drink at the shrine that is The Hunters, now’s your chance. Money at the social please. If you can’t make it, let me know and we’ll arrange another time to collect your money…but no deposit = no food I’m afraid.

SRT Training

Last weekend was a great success. Well done everyone, the SRT was great (cheers to Tim for the organisation and Chris for the training). However it is imperative that you all still practice so you’re speedy and confident underground. Chris is going to be doing another mass SRT training session on Wednesday (17th) at 1pm AT THE TREE. If you’re not sure where this is give him a ring on 07813496886.
Please note that you need to demonstrate your rebelay technique above ground if you want to go on SRT trips (Megan, Jono, Danni, Tilda, Matt and Xian.) We might do more SRT at the weekend so please come along. If you want one-on-one training for either basic or advanced SRT give him a ring.


Could those who want to go to Clare please give Rich & Rufus the deposit and tell them whether they are happy to drive if necessary, and where they’ll be departing from. See the ACC facebook group’s event for the latest.

Oh Henry

Its probably about time for me to start badgering you about the next Oh Henry. you know the drill by now – trip reports, poems, in jokes, slanderous abuse and cartoons to ocd7.

(Nathan – if you’re reading this, dig the spelling)

See you at the tree/Fountain.

February 10th, 2010

Mass SRT Sessions

All day today (Wednesday) from 10 AM, and on Thursday afternoon, I will be down on the seafront for those who want to practice their srt. You will need to show me that you can do a rebelay above ground before we go off to do it underground this weekend.

A quick summary of who needs what:

Freshers who need lots of practice: Huw, Becca, Julia, Danni, Tilda, Megan, Henry Patton, Alex
People who’ve SRTed before, but I still want to see again: Tim, Toby, Fran, Xian, Mark, Jono, Luke
People who can SRT but can come for a play around if they want: Oli, Carly, Jason, Alison, Josh, Steve

I’ll also set up an infinate SRT rig for any freshers wanting to practice going up, as well as all the usual stuff.

Have a look at Cardiff’s SRT guide for a quick refresher (glad they turned out to be useful for something in the end).

I also think it’d be good if Huw brings the Indianna Jones collection down and we assemble at Oli’s at the end of Thursdays sesion for our delight and his education.

See you tomorrow,

January 12th, 2010

Trips this term

Welcome back everyone and Happy New Year.

Although most of you have got exams to worry about this month, the committee have been working away to organise some club weekends away for you to look forward to. We hope to visit all four caving regions this term (S.Wales, Mendips, Peaks and Dales), and also put to use those sessions on the sea wall by doing some SRT. This post will be updated once huts confirm bookings.

Huts booked for this term:

Croydon (Wales) – 13/14 February
Belfry (Mendips) – 19/20 February
SWCC (Wales) – 6/7 March
Brackenbottom (Yorkshire) – 27/28 March

No doubt there will be other day trips occurring, so make sure you turn up to socials. Also, if you need to practice your SRT before going underground, then get in touch with Chris.

December 3rd, 2009

Oh Henry - episode two! (and SRT training, slight reprieve)

Right. Its time for the club journal’s second issue, and a few things stand between us and speleo-literary success. The most important is the lack of articles. Get writing guys. I’ve heard some amazing ideas being floated in the pub so get them down on paper and email them to me.

For those of you who dont have any ideas, give Henry or me a quid and get the first copy to peruse and inspire (maybe). A high literary standard is not compulsory, and articles can be as silly or as serious as you like. It would be nice to have a few ‘My first caving trip’, ‘My first caving game,’ and ‘My first time being driven by ACC,’ styley articles, if only so we can rip the piss out of them in volume three. Cartoons, wordgames and competitions are also awaited eagerly.

I know you all have essays etc, but if you could get stuff to me 12 hours before the Christmas meal I think that would be a suitable date and venue for publication and a resoundingly successful end to the year.

For all of you who did read the first issue, can you please give Xian your score. (I can fwd them if you don’t have his contact details).

Everyone, get in touch with Chris and arange to do some SRT training. He’s free all the time, so book a slot.

October 28th, 2009


Good to see so many of you are so enthusiastic about vertical techniques. Yorkshire, hear we come. I suggest you all look at some of the online SRT guides between now and the next training session so you don’t forget it all. As much as I hate doing it, I recommend the Cardiff one, it’s available on the links page. Cheers to Alison and Jason for the organising.

We’ll be going down in no time.